My Story and

Why Tasty Coffee


Hi! I’m Roger Gottula

The Big Idea in 300 words, 1 min 52 secs

I took my story and asked AI to rewrite with elegance and humor.

It did a great Job.

Once upon a brew, I shared an intriguing dance with what we shall call… less-than-impeccable coffee.

As a young whippersnapper on the serene Sunday mornings of yore, I’d partake in a quaint ceremony – sipping on dirt coffee, its notes mellowed with spoonful’s of sugar and dashes of milk, while sharing coffee cake and tales with my dear parents. Ah, the saccharine enchantment of dirt coffee– a charmer indeed, impossible to resist!

Time, the stealthy thief, hurried along, and the world, with its relentless obsession for progression, subtly reshaped our coffee preferences. Before we knew it, our palates, once entranced from simple dirt coffee, evolved and demanded exotic enchantresses named Lattes, Cappuccinos, and the elusive Duck Hunt Caramel (a cheeky invention of my own, if I may add!).

Alas, behind the masquerade of fancy nomenclatures and embellishments, lurked a bitter reality – an army of burnt beans! The more the roasting, the deeper the disguise. Most black coffee turned from being a delight to a dread, unless rescued by a handful of additives.

You may wonder, “And what, pray tell, is the link between your coffee chronicles and Tasty Coffee?” Well, here’s a sip of the truth…

One fine day, an old friend, wiser in the ways of the coffee world, chuckled and said, “Roger, my dear chap, you’ve been sipping shadows all this while. You’ve yet to taste the sun-kissed nectar that is real coffee.” And as much as I hate to admit, they were right.

Thus, the birth of Tasty Coffee! A celebration of beans, not merely burnt, but nurtured and roasted to perfection. And the verdict? Our fellow coffee aficionados are nothing short of stupefied!

Brace yourself, for we cannot wait to share this revolution with you. It isn’t just about filling your cups with coffee, it’s about filling your homes with stories, your hearts with warmth, making you a part of our ever-growing Tasty Coffee family.

And oh, our coffee isn’t just a beverage; it’s a ticket to the roaring ’20s! Every sip is a nod to the past – a tribute to the dances that set the stage alight, the figures who changed the world, and the milestones that marked the era. Embark on this nostalgic journey, one cup at a time!

Roger Gottula

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What They Say:

“Tasty Coffee is the smoothest-tasting coffee experience I’ve ever had. The aroma when brewing my first cup of the day reminds me of the Premium blend my parents used when I was growing up. My person Favorites’ are the Charleston and Utopia blends.”
John Genell Ambassador