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We have a Patent Pending Roasting Technology. Not some made up story.

Everyone we have given our coffee too has raved about it.

Non Coffee drinkers are like holy cow. I have never had coffee like this and I do not like coffee.

Is it possible that we are getting non coffee drinkers to drink?

As Martha Stewart did at one time say. It is a good thing.

Our beans are certified organic not a fake sticker label or a twist of words to make it sound real.

We know that you will have never tasted coffee that is so smooth without a burned taste.

Our confidence in our coffee has led us to offer a risk-free return policy for our customers.

We are commitment to excellence and each cup of coffee you enjoy from us not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

We have a no BS pricing model

Fixed price on our coffee. None of this market up the mark down to make it look good.

Are pricing reflects what works best for consumers and for us to stay in business.

$24 per Can

10% Discount on any first order.

Free shipping over 1 Can

Discounted Subscription that you can pause or cancel anytime.

Tasty Coffee aims to ensure your utmost satisfaction with our coffee. We provide a 30-day money-back guarantee from the order date. We appreciate any feedback regarding your experience at te**@ta*********.com.

To initiate a refund, follow these steps:

1. Email our customer service at te**@ta*********.com with:

• Name on the order

• Order number and purchase date

• Date received

• Issue or problem

• Photo(s) of damage or defect, if applicable

2. We will provide a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number and return address.

3. Return the unused coffee and RMA number within 30 days of the original purchase date for a valid refund.

Please note:

• You are responsible for return postage fees. Use tracking or delivery confirmation to expedite the process and prevent delays.

• Refunds exclude shipping and handling fees.

• Our money-back guarantee applies only to your most recent Order.

• Returns are subject to review. We reserve the right to decline returns in cases of policy abuse, and you will be notified of the reason.

• Refund processing takes around one week, followed by 7 business days (excluding holidays and weekends) for your bank or credit card company to refund your account.

Our coffee taste is designed from specific ratios and blends of the finest certified organic whole bean coffee.

Certified means the no synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides are used on the land. The necessary paperwork and tags are included with every purchase of beans we make.

We have several sources from the best coffee producing countries in the world.

Tolima and Cauca, Columbia

Aceh Province, Sumatra, Ijen Plateau, East Java, Indonesia

Chimbu Province, Papua New Guinea

LaPaz, Bolivia

Several companies claim that they only get coffee from one source grown under the magic shade tree that never loses its flower. The flowers are always in bloom and provide a sweet aroma which mother nature infuses into the coffee beans. (Give me a break!)

With lighter roast single origin coffees the flavor changes each year as the crop changes. Darks you can get away with single origin.

Our coffee is blended from select certified organic coffees from multiple regions in specific ratio’s that never change. Thus every order taste like the previous order.

This combined with our propriety roasting technique gives a smooth and never burned taste.

See the FAQ on Guaranteed Taste.

How to Brew the Best cup of coffee.

We like to say brew it any way you like it because you cannot screw it up.

Start with 1 tablespoon per cup and then each day add a little more or less to find that perfect taste that is catered to you.

I use a 15oz cup becasue I like it lighter not to be confused with light roast. You can get a cup in our swag store.

We have testing are coffees with all the brewing methods with 100% success. Coffee maker, Pour Over, French Press, Aero Press, Expresso Machine etc.

I personally use a French Press becasue it is a fast and easy clean up. Be sure to push the press down 1 inch then wait for 5 mins. The 5 mins allows all the coffee flavors to come out.

Due do our coffees smooth taste we have what we call Light Dark Crossover.

You can take a medium roast an add more coffee and make it also most a dark roast without enhancing any form of burnt taste that happens with other coffees.

The same is true in reverse you can lighten our medium roast.

Does you family have dark roast and medium roast drinkers?

Purchase the dark roast and meet everyone’s need’s.

It is your coffee and you can make it perfect to your taste buds.

When purchasing coffee from our store, you have two convenient options: Single Order or Subscription. Here’s a comparison to help you decide which one is right for you:

Single Order:

• Ideal for occasional coffee drinkers or those who like to try different varieties We now have sample packs.

• One-time purchase with no commitment.

• Perfect for gifting or sharing with friends and family.

• Allows you to explore our range of coffee products at your own pace.

• Manage your account easily: you can view all your orders, payment methods and details in one place.


• Ideal for regular coffee drinkers who want a consistent supply of their favorite coffee.

• Automatically receive your chosen coffee at your desired frequency (2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks, or 8 weeks).

• Discount on all subscriptions.

• Manage your subscription easily: you can view pause, cancel and change at any time with no penalties.

• Enjoy the convenience of having fresh coffee delivered to your doorstep without having to reorder manually.

• Choose the option that best suits your lifestyle and coffee preferences to ensure you always have the perfect cup of coffee at hand.

All major payments are honored through are payment companies. We do not except physical check or online e-checks. Payment vary between one time purchases and subscriptions due to how payment processors hand subscriptions.

We Ship to USA with major providences in Canada coming soon.

USA Shipping

1. Free Shipping for more then 1 can worth of coffee. (delivery in 7-10 business days)

2. Flat Rate Shipping of $7 for single can order. Order two and save.

Shipping is to the 48 contiguous United States, excluding Alaska, Hawaii, US Territories, and P.O. boxes. Orders ship Monday through Friday (excluding U.S. Holidays) during regular Mountain Time Zone business hours.


By placing an order, you consent to receive automated order confirmation and update emails from us, as well as automated shipment updates from our shipping carrier. We value your privacy; for more details, refer to our privacy policy.

Our coffees are roast-to-order, typically roasted once a week. Your order will be processed once roasted and shipped after payment confirmation. You’ll receive two confirmation emails: 1) upon order placement (or reorder for subscriptions), and 2) upon shipment, with a tracking number.

Order cancellations aren’t possible, but if you’re unsatisfied, contact us at te**@ta*********.com. For more details, refer to our Return Policy.

Shipping rates are subject to change and are calculated at checkout.

Because we have a Patent Pending Roasting Technology we cannot give out a full answer. So we have come up with our best fluffy answer for now.

For our coffee, we employ a highly guarded, (elves) secret proprietary roasting technique that sets us apart from any other brand on the market today.

This secret method, known only to our skilled artisans, imparts a clean, exquisite, and unparalleled flavor profile that is simply unmatched by our competitors. (Fluffy words)

Our coffee is often described as having a smooth and indescribable taste, with a luxurious richness that lingers on your palate, evoking a sense of indulgence and sophistication in every sip.

Each batch is made in our roasting facility that is setup to top tier certification standards and inspections. Not made in a garage or a peanut factory.

This guarantees that our customers will never receive any old stale, burnt coffee that has been collecting dust on the shelfs. You get freshly roasted beans every time.

Enjoy our crafted coffee and allow yourself to be transported back in time to a world of unmatched taste and refinement.

P.S If you do go back in time be sure to come back in one piece. I saw a movie once where a person became a fly :O)

We do not have a physical store.

Because our coffee is made to order and ship we have found it best to get it to you fresh and not let sit on the shelfs.

A BLAST FROM THE PAST. Think back to the roaring 1920s, a time when canned coffee was all the rage. Fast forward to the present, and Tasty Coffee is channeling that classic, vintage vibe.

THE REAL REASON. Storage of nails screws and bolts. My father and grandfather kept every coffee can they ever got to store nails, screw, bolts, and silver. Yes, real silver. In his 90”s my father noted where he stored his silver bars and coins and they were in coffee cans.

Times have changed so we recommend you use the cans for loose change, jellybeans, your goals, snicker bars and to give away loaded with unique gifts for your family and friends. Once you receive your order you will see how cool these cans are.

EXPERIENCE FRESHNESS. Discover unrivaled freshness with our canned coffee, providing an excellent shield for our freshly roasted beans. Our unique one-way degassing valve, attached to the can, ensures coffee is packaged immediately post-roasting, significantly reducing exposure to oxygen and light. The airtight seal combined with a carbon dioxide atmosphere within the can amplifies the shelf life and maintains the superior quality of our product.

EMBRACE SUSTAINABILITY. Our coffee is encased in 100% recyclable cans. Steel, with a global recycling rate of around 80%, is the world’s most recycled material. Unlike plastics, which lose their usability after recycling, metal cans can be recycled endlessly. It’s imperative that we lessen our environmental footprint by reducing single-use plastic packaging. Made proudly in the USA, our cans are crafted from locally sourced steel, contributing to both quality and sustainability.

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